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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Charles Schulz: Collectible Drawings from Your Sunday Paper

Not too long ago, MIR Appraisal Services, Inc. acquired a furry friend—Snoopy, that is—and his amiable fellow, Woodstock! Four Charles Schulz signed ink drawings (authentication pending) portray Snoopy and Woodstock in charming wintertime scenes. With his iconic whimsy and humor, Schulz crafts his endearing characters with simple, yet expressive, lines. Schulz’s minimalist aesthetic sensibilities tend to create space for emotional and philosophical expressiveness. Indeed, David Michaelis aptly portrays Schulz’s understated artistic power in his compelling article “Passages: The Life and Times of Charles Schulz,” commenting: “He [Schulz] distilled human emotion to its essence. In a few tiny lines—a circle, a dash, a loop, and two black spots—he could tell anyone in the world what a character was feeling” (Michaelis).

Wintertime motifs grace the drawings; on a ski lift, Snoopy, the “solitary not-animal animal,” joyously navigates the snowy hills marked with pine trees. (Franzen). In another drawing, Snoopy and Woodstock smile at one another in profile as Snoopy shapes a snowball in his hand and Woodstock perches atop a pile of snowballs in a winter cap; a subsequent snow scene showcases Woodstock, who poses, smiling, amidst snowmen, as Snoopy coolly stands by. Finally, Snoopy and Woodstock prepare to play hockey, each clasping a hockey stick triumphantly.

Charles Schulz’s beloved cartoon “Peanuts” has been published since 1950, and is, according to Robert Thompson, “arguably the longest story ever told by one human being” (Boxer, New York Times). Our culture has an abiding love for Charlie Brown and friends; whet your nostalgia for the world of Charles Schulz by taking a look at these original signed drawings currently showcased in the MIR's Online Gallery. Please also have a look at more animated work in the site; we also feature an original hand-drawn comic proof depicting a scene from Dale Messick’s Brenda Starr Reporter, and an original ink comic proof from Stoffell & Heimdahl’s Eat at Bugsy’s.

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