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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jules Herve's French Impressionism

Jules Herve was a French artist who simply wanted people to see beauty in the world through his perspective. He wasn't an artist who used his paintings to promote an ideology or conception. The most important aspect to Herve was to merely create an aesthetically beautiful work of art. Herve's use of color, subject matter, atmosphere and energy were all essential to his development as a French Impressionist.

Since an early age, Jules Herve always knew that he wanted to be an artist. Herve used this passion to enroll in evening art classes while he was young. Once Herve moved to Paris he went to the School of Decorative Arts where he began to exhibit in the Paris Salons. Eventually, Herve won numerous medals for his paintings in Paris; a silver medal at the Salon des Artistes Francais, a gold medal for his work related to the traveling scholarship he received from the French government, and prizes for both the Belle Table and Leguay. All these accolades led to his eventual election as Vice President to the Salon des Artistes Francais and a member of the jury to the Society of French Artists. Jules Herve was able to do this without changing his style to outside pressures and staying true to himself as an artist.

When looking at Herve's works, it is evident that modern Paris was his muse for his many Parisian streetscapes, waterways, gardens and interiors. Surrounded by magnificent architecture and lively Parisian streets, Jules Herve was able to capture this beauty through his paintings. His flowing brushstrokes would parallel Paris' energy and grandeur. Herve's Parisian scenes look alive with his brilliant use of radiant light and color. Like the classic French Impressionists, Herve would use color to harmonize his paintings. The colors would create the atmosphere in his works, which would then magnify the pace of movement. Sometimes his brushstrokes were more flowing and energized to enhance the vibrant mood of his work. While others have more subdued brushstrokes which make the mood and energy far more relaxed. Herve had a very good grasp on creating these emotions through his brushstrokes and colors.

Jules Herve was fascinated with the high class bourgeois society in Paris. He would often paint patrons going to the Opera house, or strolling down on of Paris' beautiful boulevards. Herve never used his paintings to make commentary about social issues, rather it was the fashion of the haute bourgeois society which was intriguing to Herve. These fashionistas gave a modern flavor to the urban environments which Herve would paint, giving his works a better visual appeal.

Jules Herve chose to work primarily alone without being influenced from outside artist and movements. His choice of solitude proved that Herve was comfortable in his own style and was unimpressed with the new artistic styles which were going on. Herve may not have gained a lot of inspiration from the artists who were painting during his time, however he was very influenced by some of the Impressionist masters who proceeded him. Herve also produced a collection of works which showed the dancers of the ballet. The angles, style and subject matter suggest that these works were done to pay homage to Degas.

Jules Herve's works are shown in museums throughout the world. His paintings are highly collectible and very well represented at auction houses and galleries. The beautiful nature of his paintings make them very adaptable to any environment. This reason will continue to make paintings by Jules Herve extremely desirable for generations to come. The appraisers and researchers at MIR Appraisal Services, Inc. are proud to have researched and evaluated a variety of Herve's works and would relish the opportunity to assist new clients with their art-related concerns.

Researched and written by Robert Snell

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