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Friday, December 4, 2009

Six-Year-Old Artist Amazes Art World

Proving that child prodigies are not relegated to the depths of history and to characters such as Mozart and da Vinci, a child of Holt in Norfolk England has been producing some stunning watercolors that have experts dumbstruck. The child, Keiron Williamson, has been described as a kid more interested in a bedtime picture book than a bedtime story but has only recently taken an interest in creating art himself. This all changed when Keiron went on holiday with his family to a waterfront town and he requested paper and art supplies to capture the memorable scene. A few art classes later and Keiron is on track to have his watercolors displayed in a local gallery at the age of only six years old.

The watercolors Keiron produces are primarily seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes and display a great deal of confidence in their conception. The child has an exceptional eye for perspective, light and shadows and has managed to render paintings that display a level of skill that would leave much older artists green with envy. His drawings are as sound as the astute color mixtures that he employs and have left his family, friends, and fellow art students in awe. His parents believe that this creative explosion is due in part to the fact that they currently live in a top floor apartment with no garden and little scenery. Keiron, they believe, has taken it upon himself to create his own scenery and is much more in tune with scenery than the average child.

Amazingly, Keiron is by no means the first child artist to make waves in recent media. Akiane Kramarik who hails from Mount Morris, Illinois and was born in 1994 has shown her art in nearly a dozen galleries and museums and found international fame through television and media. Her art has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and in Time Magazine, drawing much attention to this adolescent artist. Her artwork consists of self-portraits, paintings of animals and cosmic scenes much in the style of Brett-Livingstone Strong. In 2004, a girl only four years of age named Marla Olmstead was featured on BBC News as having wowed the New York art world with paintings that were comparable to Kandinsky and Pollock. She was creating abstract works since she was two and by four years had sold 25 paintings for a total of $40,000. The parents of all of these talented children do not project too far into the future and seem to hope that their child decides to do whatever it is that makes them happy.

Budding Value
Instances such as these remind us that new art and new masters are emerging all the time. Some of the young artists of today are going to be the famous, sought after artists of tomorrow and are presently creating work that will serve as their foundation in the future. All artists leave a trail of seemingly forgotten but desired pieces that contributed to their most well known style, and many of these pieces are owned by unsuspecting people who may have kept them in storage for years. Pieces gifted by aunts, great uncles, or neighbors and sealed off in attics and basements for years may have accumulated value. There is no way for the naked eye to tell if a piece has value and the most responsible way to seek out answers about artwork such as this is to find a competent appraiser with years of experience and a dedication to detail and research. MIR Appraisal Services, Inc. has databases that span thousands of names and its researchers have seen almost every kind of forgotten treasure and would love to see yours. MIR Appraisal wants to help you discover the true nature of your forgotten treasures and help you preserve them for posterity.

Written and Researched by: Justin Bergquist

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