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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Herman Miller: Approachable Art & Design

Expand to Wisconsin Factory

Herman Miller Inc., the company responsible for a plethora of mid-century furniture design standards, will have another Midwestern factory within the next two years. The Michigan based company in Zeeland has recently acquired a number of defunct furnishing plants, including Seattle-based Brandrud and Sheboygan based Nemschoff Inc. The company now plans to consolidate these two operations, moving into the Sheboygan factory and setting up operations there. This move has been met with great excitement in Wisconsin, and in a deal to forge a relationship between the state and the company Governor Jim Doyle has pledged to provide a $500,000 loan and almost $1 million in tax credits to aide the $2.5 million project. This information comes as a relief to a state that seems to be losing factory jobs daily and will be a fantastic addition to the design culture of Wisconsin.

Standard of Style
Herman Miller furniture is an absolute staple for sophisticated living. It seems that every light-filled loft and horizontal Palm Beach home showcases at least one of Herman Miller’s iconic designs. From the “coconut chair” to the Eames lounge, the flawless style and streamlined image never fails to escape the mind of the best interior designers and astute homeowners. Herman Miller Inc. was started in 1923 by D.J. De Pree and named in honor of his father-in-law who was a prominent businessman. The company began by producing traditional furniture but eventually saw a new market developing in down-scaled living and applied itself to designing efficient, innovative pieces for both the home and office. Henry Miller is credited with numerous design and space-saving innovations including the office cubicle.

Some of the most prominent art and design museums in the world including the Art Institute of Chicago, MoMA, the Whitney Museum and the Smithsonian Institution house Henry Miller Inc. furniture created by the world’s most famous designers. The objects range from the most recognizable bits of furniture to lights, catalogs, and desks. Despite its museum status, Herman Miller Inc. continues to produce fresh, new designs that fill offices, hospitals, and homes.

Instantly recognized but often overlooked, the Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan will be bringing the famous designs to the public’s attention in a traveling exhibition entitled “Good Design: Stories from Herman Miller.” The show will present impeccably preserved examples of the marshmallow sofa, prototypes of the Embody chair, famous office furniture and countless lounge chairs. The exhibition’s aim is to present the inescapable influence that Herman Miller has had on the high-end furniture that is being produced today. Beyond the obvious influence on forms of furniture, the exhibition also insists that the approach of Herman Miller has served as an example of innovative design of all avenues. Considering the high demand for original pieces and recently produced ones of the same design it is no wonder the curator feels so strongly about Herman Miller’s Influence.

MIR Appraisal and Herman Miller
There is no need to violate the rules and risk exhibition violations at the Art Institute of Chicago in order to sit on one of these delightful pieces of furniture. Simply make an appointment at MIR Appraisal Services Inc. located blocks north of the AIC on Michigan Avenue and take a seat on one of the many examples housed in our office in the Old Republic Building. Bring a piece of art, jewelry, porcelain, silver or memorabilia and relax in style while your heirloom is appraised.

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